About us

Railsider is the outcome of the consolidation under a single brand name of all those logistics operators in which Grupo Algeposa and Renfe Mercancías (freight) are jointly involved.

Railsider is a joint venture involving two companies: Railsider Atlántico and Railsider Mediterráneo, which provide a service on both the arteries crossing the Iberian Peninsula, operating under a single reference brand, Railsider, thereby enabling the firm to provide its customers and shippers with holistic solutions for their supply chain management.

The integration of Algeposa Grupo’s strengths in sea transport, Renfe’s experience in railway freight transport, together with Railsider’s leadership as a railway logistics operator, all combine to make us Spain’s benchmark intermodal operator.

An operator that works with Europe’s main railway companies on improving today’s solutions in logistics, the ad hoc design of new options, and innovation at every link on the supply chain.

Our aim is to ensure our customers look upon Railsider as a partner to help them reduce their logistics costs.