Mission, vision, values


RAILSIDER is an international logistics company which uses rail as the main mode of transport for connecting manufacturers, purchasers, warehouses and ports.

RAILSIDER provides logistics solutions to our clients based on a network of multimodal terminals which are strategically located in the main industrial areas and at European rail interchanges. We therefore have the capacity to group together deliveries to generate economies of scale and thus reduce the logistical cost to our clients.

At RAILSIDER, we transport our clients’ freight using our rail transport purchasing power in addition to our own fleet of wagons and rented wagons. This enables us to transport any type of product, although our main speciality is the steel market.


At RAILSIDER, we want to be considered a leading company in multimodal freight transport in Europe by our clients, employees, suppliers, purchasers and all parties with a link to our work.


RAILSIDER‘s values include the following:

  • The health and safety of our employees comes first.
  • We focus on developing our business and on results.
  • Our work is geared towards customer satisfaction.
  • All our activity adheres to principles of quality.
  • We are versatile and we adapt to the needs of different groups.
  • The company believes in transparency and good corporate governance.
  • We are committed to caring for the environment and our surrounding area.
  • We are a social and ethical company.
  • We support the professional development of our employees.